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She divorced her rodeo star husband Ty Murray in 2014.

For over 200 years, the small island of Islay on Scotland’s west coast has been one of the world’s foremost places for whisky, and the island’s affiliation with the spirit stretches back at least another 300 years beyond that.

“I would say whisky is bigger than agriculture on Islay now [as an industry] and anyway, much of the agriculture is in growing barley.

Islay is a very buoyant place economically at the moment, and it’s mainly to do with the whisky.”At Kilkhoman, a proportion of the barley is floor-malted in the traditional style, and once it germinates, the malt is then peated at the on-site kiln.

Over centuries, the resultant decaying matter creates a dense black substance. The result of a peated malt is a flavour infused with rich smokiness that varies considerably from distillery to distillery, as each has its own unique techniques of production.

New distilleries are opening and established names are expanding.

Islay is an ancient anomaly stuck to the coast of the British Isles.

Built as they were in an age before lorries and metalled roads, the water highways were the main means by which grain would arrive and whisky would leave the distilleries.

I had good reason to be fearful – an appalling number of experienced sailors have met their end on the rocks of Islay, and there are several memorials on the island to the passengers and crew of tragic shipping disasters.The other distilleries on the island which still do a proportion of their own floor malting (the process by which the barley germinates in warm conditions) and their own peating include Bowmore, the island’s oldest functioning distillery founded in 1779, and Kilkhoman, the island’s newest distillery, which went into operation in 2005.

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