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However, only Windows software has ever been written to support them. i Movie is only designed to work with a i Sight on an i Mac or Mac Book - or a Fire Wire DV camera source.

Apple intentionally does not allow external USB Mac webcams to be selected as a video source in i Move. Try a special hack from Mactaris that allows i Move to 'see' an external 3rd-party web camera.

Or try a video session with Face Book friends online.

They may or may not actively use chat programs, but at least this is a starting point.

UVC web cameras that DO work on a Mac don't come bundled with any OSX webcam software to control or adjust the image brightness or color.

And unfortunately, Apple doesn't have a Webcam Preference Pane in OSX.

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Sometimes just canceling one app's video call & switching works, sometimes you have to Quit competing video apps and relaunch.

There's an old saying: You can't fit an elephant in your back pocket.

Apple's built-in i Sight HD on the i Mac, Mac Book and Cinema Display line have horribly limited camera angles, so adding an external Mac webcam gives alot more flexibility.

Fire Wire webcams can often be daisy-chained or be shared on a Fire Wire hub.

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Selecting which cam to use is done within the programs Video Settings...Otherwise you'll simply need to record your video with some other Quick Time compatible video capture app - then bring it into i Movie for editing.