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20-Oct-2017 11:59

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It is clear, however, that for many people, the "all" that they need is not merely one lover.I AM ACTUALLY WONDERING AFTER THREE FAILED RELATIONSHIS IF ONE PERSON-EXCLUSIVITY DOES THE TRICK!!!!Thus, using a multipurpose knife to cut both meat and vegetables produces slices that are less clean and precise than those produced using two separate knives for each task.Likewise, a race car may function well for racing, but would be highly inconvenient for family trips.The fact that romantic love demands the use of a substantial amount of our resources has been translated into the normative requirement that one should have only one romantic partner at any given time; hence, this person should fulfill all (or at least most) of one's needs.The assumption that one person can and should satisfy all the needs of another person is obviously problematic especially concerning some types of needs, for example, intellectual stimulation, psychological support, and social connections.In the same vein, Laura Kipnis claims that the female clitoris, which is devoted exclusively to pleasure, is far superior to the multi-tasking penis in producing constant sexual pleasure.This may be associated with the fact that "women are the ones capable of multi-orgasm, like a sexual 24-7...

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Accordingly, the one-purpose clitoris is more efficient in generating ongoing intense sexual pleasure, but its use requires higher proficiency and is limited to more specific circumstances.It seems that cyberspace provides better circumstances for being undistracted, as it enables lovers to enjoy their own private enclosed environment.