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15-Aug-2017 21:40

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Vikas says dont say rubbish to me today, I will not spare you today, keep your taunts to yourself. Vikas says today parents are coming and they are fighting? Mom says you are all playing nicely but dont curse and fight, Shilpa’s mom says I am so happy that my daughter got mother’s position but fulfill it, dont curse a mother, mother’s position is high, if you curse a mother then you curse a God, he sent mother in world as his shadow, respect that position, I am proud that my daughter got mother’s position, mother and child’s love never fades, if she said something then forgive her. Priyank’s girlfriend wipes Priyank’s tears and says dont cry.

PM Aakash says what if my family member doesnt come? Shilpa says I am challenging you Arshi to go against me. Shilpa says to Puneesh that she is disgusting, she thinks I glared at Arshi’s father? Arshi says Vikas will go to Shilpa now, he is double sided. Arshi says my father came and Shilpa insulted him so now I will insult her parents, I will ask them how could they birth such filthy daughter? Arshi doesnt go to Shilpa’s mother and says cheap woman, still talking rubbish. Bigg boss asks Shilpa’s mother to leave house, she says best of luck and leaves house. Hina and Luv are sitting beside Priyank and hearing everything. Luv says to Hina that Divya said you dont need group to move ahead in Bigg boss.

Khan comes to Vikas and says you have done a lot tasks everywhere, keep working. Shilpa glares at Arshi, Arshi says mental you dont look at me, I dont need Vikas now. Mom says I want to see your kitchen, I want to eat something you cooked, I am hungry. Shilpa runs and hugs her, Shilpa says you talked so much, their language is bad only. Mom says Priyank, Luv, Hina Puneesh, all are nice, forgive Shilpa if she do some mistake.

Hina says I told you it would look same outside as it looked to us in house. Priyank says thats why I ran to talk to her, Luv says then you could have shouted what are you saying? Hina says I missed you so much, he makes her wear ring on ring finger and says I lost my heart to you, I love you.

Arshi says to Hina that do you see how Vikas talks to me? She says Vikas thinks for you when you stop thinking. His girlfriend says I came to scold you but I melted seeing you, Priyank holds her hand, she says what we had was nice but your mind is blown up,dont know what you say, you keep changing statements, you have forgotten relations of outside? Vikas says it was all drama, what he is doing here, I understand him, he create in every reality show, now he is crying for D. Vikas says first ask him who is his girlfriend, all drama. Hina says to Priyank that I think she was angry because of the whole thing between you, Ben and others. Hina says yes protect your image, when Bigg boss asked her to leave then you couldnt have broken the freeze and ran to her.