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It’s less than an hour’s drive from the heart of the commercial capital, but the landscape is rural; rice fields and sugar palms stretch into the distance. Each year, during the hot and dry season, they line the road holding their hands out for donations of drinking water.Daung Thel Ni’s gym consists of a sheet of tarp draped over some bamboo poles.

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Shwe Hnin Si Luu Mike has fought in more than a dozen Lethwei matches for crowds of paying spectators. His scarred limbs are spindly, showing little more than a hint of muscle. He needed three stitches, but says he felt nothing at the time.In Myanmar, where it’s still common for parents to send their children away to work, it’s thought of as more like an apprenticeship. One woman yodeled while another clucked her tongue, in what seemed like a festive femininity dance. Some had the build of sumo wrestlers, others resembled tiny fairies. Their breasts and womanly figures propelled them into all sorts of torrid affairs I heard about three continents away.There are also questions about what happens when boys are injured in the ring. If I was to inherit the family history of diabetes, surely it would come along with a nice pair of double Ds.Moonlight,” a serious-looking 16-year-year old with big black eyes and a downy moustache.

He grew up watching televised Lethwei matches with his older brother, who also trains at the gym.

It’s the second day of a weeklong festival dedicated to Lethwei, a brutal brand of kickboxing – and a national pastime in Myanmar.

After that, he made what is probably his best-known film Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman as a troubled ballerina, and the lead actress won an Oscar for the part.… continue reading »

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